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Soft piano rolls into a powerful orchestral crescendo in this short piece I wrote back in August of 2020.

Intended for a music library, it is now available for your own critique.

It has at least 3 distinct sections, with the piano evolving from timid to center, leading throughout the song.

Strings, brass, and percussion accentuate the vision behind the keys, adding additional elements to the sonata.

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For Artists

by Artists

     Founded by Ryan Douglas Michelsen in 2018, Pombrah Music Publishing started as a backing instrumental production company and management services provider. With home studio roots, it focuses on song development and licensing integrity.


Music Publishing

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We are concerned with making artistic work protected by law and enforceable by the artist. NDA's and intellectual property agreements are our specialty, as is drafting negotiated documents for artists we work with.

Publishing with Pombrah allows our company to collect publisher share royalties in exchange for representing the intellectual property rights of an artist. We handle the legalities should someone want to work with one of our artists, prioritizing protecting the interests of the artists and projects we represent.

To be approved for publishing, an artist must:

1: Be a contracted member
2. Have their works checked for
3. Sign a publishing agreement



     Start or finish a project requiring musical elements with our songwriting service. We will assign a musical genius to compose and/or record whatever you have envisioned, backed by our network of award winning musicians and composers from around the globe. All genres and styles of music are considered.

  • Lyrics

  • Instrumentals

  • Vocals

  • Soundtracks

  • Recording Deal

  • 3 Singles

  • 1 Album

  • +Songwriting Service

  • Business

  • Legal Set-Up

  • Licensing Music Basics

  • Graphic Design

  • Software

  • Logo Design

  • Branding



     Receive training in a comprehensive 60 week plan designed for preparing musicians with the skill set needed to own the creative industry.

Plans are tailored based on each client and their needs,
but generally include:

  • Help setting up your own label

  • Recording in our studio

  • Drop your tunes professionally

  • Artists keep all music rights

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