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Arizona Artist Development Program 


The Arizona Artist Development Program is an artist-owned record deal provided by Pombrah Music Publishing LLC designed to give aspiring artists the tools, knowledge, and materials to present themselves professionally both locally and internationally. The program lasts for 60 weeks (15 months) and is intended specifically for aspiring, musically gifted artists in Arizona over the age of 18. Upon completion of the program, artists should 1. Be their own business owner, 2. Have commercially released 3 singles or 1 EP, as well as 3. Have commercially released 1 full length album. 


Total program cost:

$2,400 or 12 monthly payments of $200 (More than 60% off total value of $6,400) 

All “Artist Business Services” included ($580+ value) as well as a “3 Song Package Deal” ($1320), “10 Song Album Deal” ($4,400), and all “Publishing Services” ($100+) are included as part of an ARTIST DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM. (Total value of $6,400+) 


Example Program:

Additional training and mentorship opportunities will be available to the artist. Areas of interest include performing, songwriting, music production, music business, graphic design, recording, licensing, and more. The artist will be provided with 2 hours of training every week in addition to any studio time allotted. 

Week 1 - Planning will begin for the career goal of the artist, and material will be selected for production based on market analysis of the desired audience. Artist will have a label incorporated for their artist image, custom logo design provided by a graphic designer, and state paperwork filed.  

Weeks 2-8 Production begins on three singles to be released independently or as an EP, as designated by the artist development plan created in week 1. Each song is given a two-week production period involving 1 one-hour studio session a week. The final week is spent on final recordings and mastering. 

Example EP Recording schedule: 

Week 2 - Song 1 Brainstorming Session 

Week 3 - Song 1 Demo Recording Session 

Week 4 - Song 2 Brainstorming Session 

Week 5 - Song 2 Demo Recording Session 

Week 6 - Song 3 Brainstorming Session 

Week 7 - Song 3 Demo Recording Session 

Week 8 - Song 1-3 Master Recording Session 

Weeks 9-32 - Upon completion of the EP, the songs will be copyrighted and submitted for processing. Since this process can take several months, production will begin on the album in the meantime. Week 9 is spent planning the market analysis for the album, as well as scheduling the production plan. Weeks 10-30 are then spent giving each song a production period similar to the single plan. The final two weeks (31-32) are spent on master recordings and mixing the album. 

After week 32, execution of the release strategy for the singles/ep will begin. Marketing efforts will start, including a photoshoot, press release, and scheduling of shows for the artist. Completed album materials will be submitted for processing.


Weeks 32-48 - Promoting and performing the singles, as well as preparing for the album release. 

Week 48 - The execution of the release strategy for the album will begin. Marketing efforts will start, including a photoshoot, press release, and scheduling of shows for the artist. 

Weeks 49-59 - Promoting and performing the album. 

Week 60 – Exit interviews, management hand-off, and optional contract offer. 

Rights Ownership

All songs and graphics published for the artist are the property of the artist upon completion of the program. For records and promotional support, Pombrah Music Publishing LLC receives an indefinite master license on all songs and graphics. 

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