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Fill Musical Gaps at SoundBetter

Future improvement to websites like SoundBetter will allow for a more streamlined music industry, allowing original creators to supplement each other’s work. Improving song quality by supplementing talent from outside sources is a key part of making a hit, and is commonplace within the industry. While the prices to work with the top reviewed providers are expensive, having access to their level of expertise is quite groundbreaking. There are also artists like myself who will work on your project for far less than a traditional studio or top reviewed professional will charge. Often, we downsize costs, but provide incredible quality that competes with industry performers. Having access to so many producers and talented individuals from across the world is just another example of how this internet era allows unprecedented collaboration.

What is SoundBetter?

SoundBetter is a tool created by Spotify that allows artists to work for you in creating original art for your project. As a provider on the platform, I have had a lot of fun working on musical projects for personal and professional clients. From helping a young woman in Singapore develop her first song, to providing orchestration for a film, the opportunities I have been given through SoundBetter beat any creative freelance opportunity I have found elsewhere.

Other artists include singers of every genre, instrumentalists, percussionists, and audio engineers. This diverse selection allows bands, songwriters, and producers to fill a specific role, or a composer to assemble a virtual orchestra.

Would I browse it?

While I do not claim to be a music production mastermind, I have been told by countless observers that I have a musical gift. If there is any orchestration, instrumentation, notation, post production, or editing of any kind needed for your audio, I can provide solutions along with my special sauce to provide your project with depth, zing, and emotion. If not myself, I encourage you to browse this catalogue of artists who, many like me, are trying to make a living as working songwriters. With the sluggish tour season, streaming royalties a pittance, and studio closures abound, SoundBetter provides a lifeline for our artistic souls to gain validation for our efforts.

Ryan D.M. - Composer, Music Producer - Arizona | SoundBetter

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