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Songwriting / Instrumentation


      Customized sound kits and full-length songs for purchase as a work for hire. Gain maximum control for minimum cost on your next song, background music, or sound concept. Pricing starts at 100$ per project and increases based on total project length. 





Vocal Artist Collaboration


      50/50 publishing rights split between artists and Pombrah Music Publishing LLC in return for complimentary instrumentation services. Benefit with promotion from Pombrah's website and ad campaigns for joint projects. Audition, background check, and press kit required for consideration.



      While you do not need copyrights to claim ownership of your own music, it helps significantly in legal situations to have one. For instance, you cannot press infringement through courts without one, and the documentation provides a federal listing of all the members on the copyrighted work. Having a sheet dedicated to laying out all of the information, tying up loose ends, and firmly dictating ownership percentages between artists is an incredibly valuable tool that should be considered for all music.

Music Publishing


      We try to make it easier for artists to reach new people who will want to hear their work, as well as getting paid for that expression. As a music publisher, we specialize in the negotiation and collection of performance, mechanical, digital, and licensing royalties. The industry standard for the publisher is to take the professional risk involved in releasing and legally guarding the works it holds rights to. Artists do not give up the ownership of their music to the publisher, but rather contract the rights of the art to allow the publisher a wide array of options for licensing the music through to new avenues.

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